With over 30 years of experience in starting, managing and growing businesses in the computer hardware, software and services industry, LMA Group provides an in-depth understanding of all functional areas with particular strength in sales, marketing and finance as well as extensive knowledge  and experience in working with outside investors.  



With extensive hands on experience at sales and sales management LMA Group can help you grow your revenue by monitoring and improving the sales process, the sales strategy and forecasting.  










Evaluate the Sales Team

Improve Training

Evaluate the Sales process

Recommend and improve sales process

Evaluate Sales Tools

Evaluate Sales Strategy

Implement forecasting


LMA Group understands what it takes to raise capital.  With many years of experience with banks and Venture Capital investments, we can guide you through the maze of raising capital to support your company’s growth needs.  We will also help you negotiate for the best terms. 


This includes

                  Financial Modeling


                           Financing Structures


                           Joint Ventures


                  Public Financing

                  Exit Transactions







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